Sky Wings

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Innovation with simplicity and splendor Pacific Restroom presents you SKY WINGS, a sparking new assortment of restroom cubicles. Planned under the blueprints of aesthetics, this ceiling hung model has been designed to further enhance the beauty of your washrooms, while creating desirable spaces. Its unique shape and profile provide ample space to wipe the floors easily and without any hassles. So, introduce these exclusive masterworks to your rest rooms and enrich your creations, the contemporary and classic way.

Standard dimension & fixing details with dwg.

Hardware assembly processor for fixing:

The Aluminum hollow rectangle channel is first held above the false ceiling on both ends by MS ‘L’ angle which is fixed onto the wall with wall plug/ C/w bolts. The rectangle steel plates are next distributed equally, taking into consideration the positions of the pilaster, and fixed onto the hollow MS top rail using bolts and screws.

Standard dimension:

Standard Dimensions General(mm) Physically Challenged(mm)
Frontal Width of Cubicle 900 1500
Depth of cubicle 1500 1800
Height of entire cubicle 1240 1240
Width of Door 600 900
Height of Door 1830 1830