cubicle toilet manufacturer in Bengaluru

Fine design sensibility coupled with magnicence has a new name with the GUSTO shoebox-up cubicles system. Formulated with 18mm thick compact laminates that provide extra sturdiness and durability one can do away with the top rail if desired. The stainless steel box up located at the foot of each pilaster. Thereby making it a truly adaptable system that can vary in height to suit the site’s requirements. This series with its edibility, durability and enhanced sturdiness works well in high end commercial spaces, restaurants and luxury spas.

Standard dimension & fixing details with dwg.

Hardware assembly processor for fixing:

All pilasters are supported by floor anchor with bolts which is concealed with stainless steel flat box-up height of up to 110mm. The stainless steel Box-up is available in SS Grade 304 & 316 options. The intermediate panels are fixed onto the wall with stainless steel (Grade 304/306) U- Channel section and SS screws inserts.

Standard dimension:

Standard Dimensions General(mm) Physically Challenged(mm)
Frontal Width of Cubicle 900 1500
Depth of cubicle 1500 1800
Height of entire cubicle 1840 1840
Width of Door 600 900
Height of Door 1710 1710